Shifting Rhythms

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January '19 - Present

Shifting Rhythms is an enrichment program that provides under-served youth ages 9-15 with the space to engage in technology, the arts, and entrepreneurship. The program is a collaboration between community members of Coahoma County, MS and students/faculty affiliated with several colleges and universities in Boston, MA.

My Role

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This Spring 2019 semester is my first on the team, and I help test/brainstorm curricula in development for a Summer 2019 summer pilot program, help communicate with the team in MS, figure out the best way to instruct classroom mentors, and engage with community stakeholders through periodic trips. Over the summer, I continued this work as a full-time member of the Shifting Rhythms team. I taught CAD, 3D printing, laser cutting, virtual reality, and carpentry modules created by the team and I. I established and maintained community and national relationships, and improved the quality fo our development platform through surveys, media usage, ethnographic study, and more.