May '17 - December '17

Over the course of two college math courses, I pursued my interest in image compression processes through two investigative partnered projects, using MATLAB to manipulate and visualize image data in both. The first focused on compression via Singular Value Decomposition, and the second explored Fast Fourier Transforms and their applications in JPEG image compression.


Singular Value Decomposition

In this first project, my partner and I created a MATLAB script that compresses a user's selected image using Singular Value Decomposition, a process that can be found in fingerprint and facial recognition algorithms. We documented our explanation of the linear algebra behind this process, and provided several example images in a report that can be viewed here:

Fast Fourier Transforms


In this second project, a different partner and I created a MATLAB script that compresses a user's selected image using Fast Fourier Transforms, a process traditionally used in JPEG image compression. We documented our explanation of the math involved in the process, and provided sample compressions  in a report that can be found here: