Integrated Product Design

September '19 - December '19


This consumer product you see to your left (called The Vessel) is a product deliverable for a course consisting of engineers, graduate designers, and business students.


In teams of 5, us students were tasked with developing a product concept that would succeed in today's experience economy, then prove the idea's technical feasibility.

Engineering The Vessel

Being the team's sole engineering major, I took lead on our prototype's technical development.

Initial prototypes consisted of miniature FDM and SLA 3D printed visual-only models that represented the team's early stage ideas.

In our pursuit of a refined model with technical capability, we drew inspiration from an existing product that displays lights, plays media, and functions as an ultrasonic diffuser. We purchased the consumer electronic online, and reverse-engineered it by taking the model apart.


Once stripped down to its basic parts, I noted the product uses a single PCB for its multiple functions. This proved a perfect tool for our own prototype; by using this existing board to show all the functionalities we wanted in our own product, the team could forego learning or contracting PCB design services.

After learning the basic functions of the PCB, figuring out wiring connections between the board and the product, and re-soldering broken connections, we successfully re-purposed the PCB board and its accompanying electronics (speaker, sub-woofer, LEDs, ultrasonic disc, and air intake fan) for our prototype.

From there, we followed up with several renderings and an industrially printed model of our prototype (see images). In conjunction with the team's market/consumer research and user studies informing us throughout this project, we delivered a successful and compelling pitch for how the product would fare in market.

Product Presentation: