February '17 - March '17

This mechanical sculpture is a final deliverable for a hands-on, industrially-graded course  consisting of machining, CAD, and teamwork.


In teams of 5, students were tasked to design an aquatically-themed sculpture powered by a single motor. The project's 1-month deadline for this project made intra-team collaboration, pacing and efficient practices a must.

Executive Summary


Our team's completed mechanical sculpture.

“A beam of moonlight shimmers as it glances off a cresting wave. The foam silvery, suspended in a ray, pulsating and glittery seems for a second as if to hover free above the sea before being swallowed by it.


A boy sits reclined grasping in his hands a fishing pole. He reels back and casts. As the hook falls, it catches the moon’s silvery glow. The boy, content with his work, lets his gaze fall to the world below. He watches as the waves rise and fall, illuminated by the moon.”

In our pursuit of an aesthetic and mechanically savvy maritime sculpture, we drew inspiration from the boy with the fishing rod perched atop the moon in the DreamWorks animation segment. We sought to re-create the movements in the segment using mechanical structures, joints and transmissions. We used a clean-cut and simple, flowing design for our sculpture’s base to resemble the movement of ocean waves. Clouds were also painted onto the base, to exemplify the idea that the sculpture itself is suspended above the clouds. In our sculpture, laser-cut waves ride atop a rotating sinusoidal cam, bobbing up and down as the cam rotates, and a tiny glass bottle rotates along with the sprocket powering the cam to mimic its motion in the water. A 4-bar linkage design is behind the fishing rod’s oscillating movement, completing the story of the boy fishing for a bottle that continues to elude him.

Technical Report: