One-half of our 3D scanner.

3D Sensor

This 3D sensor is a partnered project, made for Principles of Engineering, a hands-on course focused on the integration of hardware, software, and electrical components within a system/device.

In this project, my partner and I were tasked with constructing a Pan & Tilt Mechanism to cover data readings in three dimensions, as well as generating a program that could scan an alphabet letter cut-out using the Pan & Tilt Mechanism.

As the mechanical member of our team, I focused on making the Pan & Tilt Mechanism by 3D-Printing interfaces between the motors' control horns, and bolting them to the motors and sensor. My partner focused on the programming of our code using MATLAB, a language ideal for data storage and visualization.

Project Report:

Linked above is a PDF file containing our report for the project. It explains, in further detail, our process towards creating a functional scanner.