Line-Following Robot

This integrated system is a partnered project, made for Principles of Engineering, a hands-on course focused on the integration of hardware, software, and electrical components within a system or device.

In this project, my partner and I were tasked with building a robot car that could follow a track made of black tape. We were to achieve this with the help of infrared reflectance sensors, two DC motor-powered wheels, an Arduino Uno, and an Adafruit Motor Shield.

As the mechanical and electrical member, I focused on creating a design mountable on the car's chassis, and designing/calibrating a circuit responsible for the sensors' functionality, and correctly powering the sub-systems in the robot car.

Project Report:

Linked above is a PDF containing a report for the project. It explains, in further detail, the process we used to integrate our system.

Here is a YouTube video of our robot completing the track (opens new window).