Italian Villa Home

March '16 - June '16

This project, part of an Advanced Architecture course, blends exterior and interior design practices to deliver both aesthetic and practical architecture.

In this project, I was tasked with creating a beach home in a 900 sq. foot space, with wooden supports lining every 10 square feet of the space, resulting in a grid-like appearance.

The Complex

In designing the complex, I opted for an indoor space with plenty of windows and openings. I created ample outdoor space in the roof, made accessible via a winding staircase that wraps around the home. Following the stairs is a wooden trellis, optimal for growing plant life to provide natural shade.

For an immersive experience with the surrounding beach, I added doors, panes, and a skylight made of glass. These are intentionally placed to direct sunlight into areas that benefit most (e.g. the interior staircase).

A couple of renders I created on Autodesk Revit.

Floor plans and rendered elevation views.