October '17 - December '17

Manny The Man is a sculpture that uses mechanical, electrical, and software sub-systems to mimic a user's movements.


This five-member project was completed for a mechatronics course delivers knowledge on integrating mechanical, software, and electrical systems, and proper management techniques for long-haul technical projects with tight deadlines.

Complete documentation of the process and the product can be found on our official project website here (opens new window), which includes pictures and video demonstrations.

How Manny Works

When a user stands in front of Manny, its Microsoft Kinect device registers their limb movements and sends the data to a Raspberry Pi. This data is interpreted, filtered, and re-purposed to actuate wired Servo motors at desired angles. These motors tug at attached pulleys running through Manny, resulting in the movement of Manny's limbs.


As a mechanical member of the team, I designed and tested Manny's pulley system with several iterations of 3D-printed limbs driven by fishing line tugged on by servos. I also designed the base housing our servo motors and pulleys system, considering the guiding wiring and pulleys toward non-interfering paths.