A backup file of the image I wrote the attached artist statement for. The original has been lost to time.

Writing Samples

The ability to write clearly is essential for effectively transmitting ideas. Below, I have provided several writing samples to demonstrate my proficiency in written communication. Each sample is taken from a different context than the last, to show my comfort with writing in multiple styles.

Artist Statement:

November '16

This piece was written for a Photography course at Olin College. Since this particular assignment encouraged exploration of identity and the self, I elected to write about my challenging upbringing and the conflicts it presents at Olin.

Research Report on School Choice Reform:

December '18

This report was written for aclass at Wellesley College whose content focuses on understanding and improving urban school environments. This report explores the implications of Betsy DeVos' school choice reform, and whether its benefits outweigh its drawbacks in the scheme of public education.

Narrative Storytelling:

March '19

This piece was written for Olin College's annual Story Slam, an independent study that helps students write meaningful stories about their lives and narrate them to a crowd. This particular piece was an adaptation of my Remaking Education talk.


*Text is enlarged and broken to help with flow and visibility during oration.

Design Reflection:

February '18

This reflective statement was written for UOCD (User-Oriented Collaborative Design), a design class at Olin College. This reflective assignment prompted us to reflect on our design projects mid-semester. This reflection discusses knowing when to deliberately sacrifice project quality, and for what purpose. 

*The project this reflection was written for can be found on my collaborative design project tab.